Lifting Magnets

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    Scrap Handling

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    Heavy Duty Deep Field

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    Bi Pole

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Lifting Magnets

Electromagnets are most commonly associated with lifting applications and here at Rotary we have extensive experience in this area.  Working with customers, predominately in the steel industry, we have developed a range of high quality, reliable electromagnets to suit almost every purpose. However, as new applications come along there is still scope for development and optimisation, and this is where Rotary excels in offering bespoke magnets to meet very exacting specifications.

Typical examples of lifting magnets include:

Scrap handling magnets
Designed for the efficient handling of scrap metals and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Suitable for use on mobile plant or an overhead crane.

Lightweight magnets
Used for scrap handling these reduced weight magnets are ideal for use on mobile plant giving a high lift to magnet weight ratio where lifting capacity is limited.

Heavy Duty, Deep Field magnets
These robust magnets are designed for use in intensive operations where adverse conditions prevail. Suitable for handling large slab with lifting capacity up to 40 tonnes.

Bi Pole Magnets
Designed for lifting steel billets, blooms, ingots and bars.
Can be in multiples on a beam to lift long lengths such as sectional steel and round bars. Lifting capacity from 500kg to 25 tonnes

Rectangular magnets
Suitable for handling “rafts” of steel billets and multiple steel plates. Can be used in multiples on a beam to lift large sheets of steel plate.

Waterproof magnets    
Designed with waterproof features and suitable for applications such as retrieving materials from a tank or pit. Available up to 1650mm diameter with safe working load up to 30 tonnes.

Here at Rotary all our new electromagnets are made to order after a full consultation. Where a standard lifting magnet is not suitable our design engineers will assess your requirement and find a solution that meets your needs. Our team are here to help you.

Interested? Contact us via the contact page. We'll be pleased to answer any questions you have.